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Real Estate Investing

Like most investment opportunities, the higher the risk the higher the reward! If you are starting to think about trying this out, keep these beds practices firmly in mind.

Make sure you have great credit or lots of investment cash! The main idea behind flipping a house is to buy an affordable property, fix it up, and sell it for a profit. If you have a lousy credit score or not enough cash, then you can't buy the home in the first place. Before doing anything, make sure to check your credit score. If your credit score or cash reserve is not as good as it should be, then it is advisable that you work on building that up first.

Invest in entry level homes! Especially right now in Colorado, inventory is very low for first time home buyers. They are likely busy working, and cannot afford the time and money that a fixer-upper will require. There will always be a demand for entry level homes, and there is specifically a high demand in our market currently. A standard house will have 3 to 4 bedrooms, which is great for a small to medium-sized family. Make sure to find a house that won't sink your budget when it comes to renovation time.

Find a profitable location or neighborhood! People always say, location, location, location. You can always improve a home on the inside, but it is very difficult to improve its neighborhood. Therefore, always research the locations of any investment property you are considering to maximize return on investment. A few things to check on is home much are the homes in the area selling for and are they selling fast? IT is also a good idea to choose an area close to you, so that you do not over extend yourself when doing your research. 

Research and analyze market data! Assess your property options as careful as possible. Do your due diligence, gather all of the important data, and make informed decisions. Do a risk vs. reward analysis with a deep dive into the cost of refurbishment in order to avoid costly surprises later on. Make sure to take advantage of home inspection services. The home should only need cosmetic upgrades to maximize potential profit. 

Finally, be ready to flip it quickly! The longer your investment property stays on the market, the more expensive it will get for you. After all, you'll have to pay for its maintenance and utility bills while it is under your name. So work with a realtor and potentially staging professional to market your renovated house as effectively as possible. A quick sale should be your primary goal to maximize profits.

Are you ready to flip a home? Give me a call today, and we can discuss potential options!

Back to School Already?

Teachers and students are having a hard time believing that the summer is over already. School for both district 2 and district 8 has begun again today. The summer slide is an epidemic that most teachers assess at the very beginning of the school year. The summer slide is the decline in knowledge that a large percentage of students have after a summer filled with non-academic activities. The students that beat the summer slide often engage in summer camps and read often throughout the break. Those students that spend their time by the pool or playing video games tend to loose about 2 months of progress in their academic abilities. Teachers have to assess and address this gap in learning as it gets bigger and bigger every year. This is why many schools are going back to the classrooms earlier and getting out for summer later. Teachers can only do so much, and their influence is rarely strong enough to beat the summer slide. Some people believe that students need even shorter summers, so that they do not loose any of their knowledge or skills. Personally, I do not think I could have made it through high school without my summers off. 

Women's Golf

Colorado is not the best state to be a golfer, but I was raised here and love the game! Being a woman golfer, it was always easy to impress people. My dad taught me how to swing like a pro, and we had a chipping green in the backyard. When we would go to our weekend tee times, the older men that got partnered with us would question if I was playing or watching. They were always hesitant on the first tee box, like it was going to be a long, painful round. After one practice swing, they quickly realized they were wrong. Even though my swing looked like it would send a ball flying straight towards the hole, that was not always the case. I managed to keep my scores in the double digits, but I never thought I was that good. When I tried out for the high school team, I was just hoping to get a spot on Junior Varsity. After scores came in, I realized I had made the Varsity travel team! I couldn't believe I was good enough for that. I made state every year of high school, and set records at my school for lowest scores in tournaments. I still did not think I was that good, but I applied for every golf scholarship I could. I ended up paying for 3 out of my 4 years of college with the money I earned from golfing! All I can say is thank you to my dad for teaching me the right sport! 

Yoga- Is it beneficial?

The benefits of yoga can vary person to person, but overall it is a healthy habit that everyone should try! The most obvious benefit is that yoga improves flexibility. As you control your movements, it does strengthen muscles that you do not always use in other workouts. Also, an important aspect that many people struggle with is posture, yoga helps straighten the spine and align the vertebra to improve your posture. There are so many health benefits to any exercise, but yoga is my favorite exercise because of how it lifts serotonin levels making you happier!

Bike Trails in Cheyenne Canyon

One of my favorite rides in Cheyenne Canyon is the infamous Chutes. Fly through the Stratton Open Space on this trail with magnificent views along the way. It has been recently cleaned up, and it is better than ever! 
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